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Dr. Keith Collins ’70 explains the details of his zero-net-energy house in Rockport, Maine.

The easy way to go green

Alum's 'state-of-the-shelf' energy-efficient house is among a bevy of new ideas for curbing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions presented at MIT's annual Energy Night.

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Trays of San Andreas cheese — an unpasteurized cheese from raw sheep's milk — made by Liam and Cindy Callahan, a mother and son team, at Bellwether Farm in Sonoma County, Calif.

Against the common gouda

The government regulates how food is produced. MIT anthropologist Heather Paxson studies the rebellious cheese-makers who reluctantly adhere to those rules.

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Researchers at MIT have shown the benefits of a new approach toward eliminating carbon-dioxide emissions at coal-burning power plants.

Concentrating emissions

Ahmed Ghoniem of mechanical engineering leads an MIT effort to make coal plants cleaner by using a pressurized combustion system to capture carbon dioxide.

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