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Machine learning

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Illustration of a virtual simulation dining room, as the table is being flipped over by some unseen force.

Generating a realistic 3D world

A new AI-powered, virtual platform uses real-world physics to simulate a rich and interactive audio-visual environment, enabling human and robotic learning, training, and experimental studies.

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Two by three grid featuring photos of a sneaker, a small model of a lizard, and a cellphone cover, before and after fabrication with bright patterns and designs

Design’s new frontier

Mechanical engineers are using cutting-edge computing techniques to re-imagine how the products, systems, and infrastructures we use are designed.

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A photo of three men standing outside, at the top of a staircase and in front of an intricately carved set of wooden doors

Taming the data deluge

A National Science Foundation-funded team will use artificial intelligence to speed up discoveries in physics, astronomy, and neuroscience.

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