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School of Architecture + Planning

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A map shows a satellite view of Boston, including Franklin Park Zoo. An inset, with orange lines, shows the sidewalks, crosswalks, and footpaths of an area near Franklin Park Zoo.

Where the sidewalk ends

Most cities don’t map their own pedestrian networks. Now, researchers have built the first open-source tool to let planners do just that.

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In a small studio, Shua Cho holds up a pink glass flower-like object

Learning to compute through art

“Introduction to Physical Computing for Artists” at the MIT Student Art Association teaches students to use circuits, wiring, motors, sensors, and displays by developing their own kinetic artworks.

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Fadel Adib stands between 2 open glass panel sliding doors while wearing a yellow shirt and black pants.

Sensing with purpose

Fadel Adib uses wireless technologies to sense the world in new ways, taking aim at sweeping problems such as food insecurity, climate change, and access to health care.

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