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Filming Guidelines

The MIT News Office Media Relations team is responsible for approving requests for non-commercial filming on the MIT campus. If you are not a member of the media, please send your request to Peter Bebergal, the Institute Use of Name Officer in the Institute Office of Communications.

Once the details of a given request have been agreed upon, a location agreement must be signed and returned to the MIT News Office prior to the crew's arrival. MIT does not sign any outside location agreements. Once our location agreement is finalized, film crews are welcome to film on campus property, as long as the reporting activities do not disrupt Institute activities, interfere with the privacy of students, faculty or staff, or jeopardize the safety of Institute personnel, visitors or facilities.


Filming is permitted in any location specified on your location agreement. We ask that you keep this with you during a shoot. Filming is not permitted in certain indoor spaces, including the Infinite Corridor, Lobby 7, Lobby 10, and all residence halls. All other indoor locations – with the exception of the first floor of the Stata Center – require explicit permission from the owner of the space, which must be obtained ahead of the shoot. 

When filming students, we ask that the media respect the right of students not to be interviewed, if they so decline. Media may not take or use pictures of students or film students without first getting their permission to be filmed. Students must also be given complete details about what is being filmed and how their photograph might be used.

All other locations/subjects must be approved prior to filming.

Submitting Requests

Please e-mail requests to film on campus to Abby Abazorius with at least 72 business hours (three business days) of advanced notice, and include the following information:

Name and description of the organization or individual making the request.

Name, address, and phone number of the contact person.

Project description and the intended use of the resulting material.

Date(s) and time(s) requested.

Requested location of shoot.

Number of people, and amount and type of equipment involved.

Proof of adequate insurance coverage and indemnity.


Abby Abazorius 
Senior Media Relations Specialist