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Top tweets of 2015

Best posts of the year on @MIT highlight our new humanoid robot, MIT women in engineering, an optics lesson for #TheDress, and more.
A DeLorean time machine appeared on campus for Back to the Future Day, a popular event on Twitter in 2015.
A DeLorean time machine appeared on campus for Back to the Future Day, a popular event on Twitter in 2015.
Photo: Emer Garland/MIT

2015 was a banner year at MIT, in classrooms, in labs, and online. In the Twittersphere, MIT’s followers enjoyed news updates and musings about the Institute, campus life, and MIT alumni — from a freshman with 55 online courses under his belt, to the announcement of our 2016 Commencement speaker, to President Reif’s message to Ahmed the young clock builder. They also appreciated seeing Institute connections to world events and trends, such as the New Horizons Pluto flyby, the optically mysterious white/gold/black/blue dress, and the social campaign #iLookLikeanEngineer highlighting diversity in engineering.

MIT’s Twitter account gained more than 83,000 followers this year — for a current total of more than 255,000 — and was listed as the world’s top university Twitter feed by the marketing firm Hubspot. Among the most popular individual tweets of 2015 are postings about MIT’s new humanoid robot, MIT open courses relating to this year’s anniversary of the general theory of relativity, and the Institute’s unique celebrations of Pi Day and Back to the Future Day. Here are the top 25 @MIT tweets of 2015, measured in retweets and favorites, in chronological order:

An engineering lesson after the home team wins

A timely optics course from MIT OpenCourseWare

Saying goodbye to a legend

A hugely successful Pi Day at MIT

Congratulations, New Horizons!

The School of Engineering is top notch!

MIT takes part in #ILookLikeanEngineer

Tops in the world, for the fourth-straight year

President Reif celebrates making and makers

All eyes on the "Super Blood Moon" eclipse

Heralding an unsung Space Race hero for Ada Lovelace Day

Time machine on campus for Back To The Future Day

Gorgeous view of MIT by the Charles River

Only at MIT: Periodic table of chocolate strawberries!

Catching up with our favorite cheetah on National Cat Day

Automating data analysis with a system from CSAIL

A freshman with 55+ MIT courses under his belt

MIT in the autumn leaves

We earned a new robot. Thanks, NASA!

Inspired by numbers on Fibonacci Day

Free course from Professor Max Tegmark celebrates relativity

Welcome back to MIT, Matt Damon!

Professor Sherry Turkle on the importance of reading

Marking an historic landing

Student-made explainer honors Newton

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