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Top tweets of 2014

Best of the year on @MIT include a robot cheetah, next-generation spacesuits, and Tetris tater tots.
One of 2014's most popular @MIT tweets: a Mobius bagel by George Hart '77, PhD '87
One of 2014's most popular @MIT tweets: a Mobius bagel by George Hart '77, PhD '87
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At MIT, 2014 was rich in innovation, discovery — and fun. Accordingly, the Institute’s Twitter followers — currently numbering more than 172,000 — responded enthusiastically to updates from MIT and from its many alumni and affiliates. Stories about campus life — from Commencement to President L. Rafael Reif’s #IceBucketChallenge to the student-built roller coaster that greeted incoming freshmen in August — added extra flavor to the year’s 140-character musings.

Among the 20 most popular individual tweets from @MIT this year were updates on the robotic cheetah developed by MIT researchers; a next-generation spacesuit from MIT aerospace engineers; and Tetris-shaped tater tots in the Stratton Student Center (Building W20). Here are our top tweets of 2014, measured in retweets and favorites, in chronological order:

We love π

Happy birthday, MIT!

An intriguing hypothesis from MIT Professor Max Tegmark

Flying car developed by MIT alumni takes a giant leap

MIT researchers simulate the universe since the Big Bang

Congratulating Jeopardy! champion Julia Collins MEng ’10

Looking forward to wireless charging technology on Tesla’s birthday

Tetris-shaped tater tots debut at MIT

How to slice the perfect Möbius bagel

Predicting an earthquake near Istanbul

Robo-cheetah loses its leash

Will we go to Mars in these?

Top spot in the QS World University Rankings

A “new” Asimov essay in MIT Technology Review

Happy #MoleDay!

Cheering on an historic #CometLanding

Exploring a landmark publication with MIT’s OpenCourseWare

We can all be thankful for puzzles

Working together with #OneMIT

Mapping connections through language

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