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New application expedites student appointment process

With the launch of the new Hourly Student Appointment (HSA) application early this summer, authorized users in departments, labs and centers are now able to process student appointment transactions through a convenient "Student Worker" tab in SAPweb. The application greatly reduces data entry associated with student appointment transactions and represents another a step toward an increasingly digital MIT.
A replacement to the eSPAF application, the new application enables users to create, change and cancel hourly student appointments and to view transactions and appointment reports. It also sends email notifications to initiators and students when transactions are complete.

Developed with the help of a pilot group and team members from the Office of the Vice President for Finance, Information Services and Technology, and Student Financial Services, the HSA application includes automated workflows, which promises greater accuracy, efficiency and compliance.

Please contact MIT's HR/Payroll team at or 617-253-4255 if you have any questions.

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