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Center funds environmental health projects for 2008

The MIT Center for Environmental Health Sciences (CEHS), through support from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences of NIH, has announced its support for six pilot projects, which all began April 1.

Professor Peter Dedon of biological engineering, who is also deputy director of CEHS, will study "changes in the spectrum of tRNA secondary modifications as biomarkers of exposure." Associate Professor Catherine Drennan of chemistry will focus on "structural studies of DNA repair protein human alkyladenine glycosylase."

Principal Research Scientist Susan Erdman in the Division of Comparative Medicine will focus her research on "inflammation-associated prostate cancer: Development of mouse models for assay of environmental contaminants." Jongyoon Han, associate professor in electrical engineering & computer science and in biological engineering, will study "direct coupling of nanofluidic preconcentration system and conventional mass spectrometry"

Associate Professor Michael Strano of chemical engineering, Professor Steven Tannenbaum of biological engineering, and Professor Gerald Wogan of biological engineering will focus on "detection of toxic events in the liver in vivo using single wall carbon nanotubes." Professor Bruce Tidor of electrical engineering & computer science and biological engineering will explore "DNA damage response networks with high-dimensional information theoretic statistics."

Please visit for more details on the pilot projects.

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