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Featured video: Building a roller coaster

Every year during Residence Exploration Week at MIT, the East Campus community invites first-year students to help build a working roller coaster.
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Every year during residence exploration week at MIT, or REX week, our undergraduate residence halls host activities to encourage new students to visit, get to know the vibe of the community, and hopefully choose to join.

So, how do you get the attention of first-year MIT students? At East Campus, you invite them to help you build a working roller coaster.

The roller coaster team undergoes training and works with the City of Cambridge to ensure proper safety measures are followed. Once building begins, interested first-year students are invited to help with construction, and when it’s finished, to take ride. When the coaster comes down after REX week, the materials are recycled and reused – with some going to students who use them to customize their rooms.

Video by: Melanie Gonick/MIT News | 3 min 21 sec

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