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School of Science announces Infinite Mile Awards for 2018

Seven staff members honored for their outstanding contributions to the MIT community.
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The MIT School of Science has announced seven winners of the Infinite Mile Award for 2018. The award will be presented at a luncheon this May in recognition of staff members whose accomplishments and contributions to their departments, laboratories, and centers far exceed expectations.

The 2018 Infinite Mile Award winners are:

Hristina Dineva, Department of Biology;

Theresa Cummings, Department of Mathematics;

Mary Gallagher, Department of Biology;

Jack McGlashing, Laboratory for Nuclear Science;

Sydney Miller, Department of Physics;

Miroslava Parsons, Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences; and

Alexandra Sokhina, Simons Center for the Social Brain.

The awards luncheon will also honor winners of last fall’s Infinite Kilometer Award, which was established to highlight and reward the extraordinary — but often underrecognized — work of the school’s research staff and postdoctoral researchers.

The 2017 Infinite Kilometer winners are:

Rodrigo Garcia, McGovern Institute for Brain Research;

Lydia Herzel, Department of Biology;

Yutaro Iiyama, Laboratory for Nuclear Science;

Kendrick Jones, Picower Institute for Learning and Memory;

Matthew Musgrave, Laboratory for Nuclear Science;

Cody Siciliano, Picower Institute for Learning and Memory;

Peter Sudmant, Department of Biology; and

Ashley Watson, Picower Institute for Learning and Memory.

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