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Introducing MIT Video

New portal aggregates nearly 10,000 videos — both by the Institute and about it — in one place.
A screenshot from the MIT Video homepage
A screenshot from the MIT Video homepage

The MIT News Office has launched a website that makes the Institute’s vast collection of public video — previously scattered across many different sites — searchable and available in one place.

The new site, called MIT Video, can be found at Much like MIT News, MIT Video is updated daily, spotlighting top videos from across the Institute, as chosen by our editors.

The website replaces as a central portal for video, and complements TechTV, the Institute’s free video-hosting service. MIT Video allows users who choose other video-hosting platforms (such as YouTube, Vimeo and Brightcove) to place their MIT-related video on an Institute website without uploading it to multiple places.

Currently, there are nearly 10,000 videos in MIT Video’s collection, including all public content from TechTV and MIT OpenCourseWare. Other videos are added as MIT Video editors find them or through a submission form available to members of the MIT community at

As part of the establishment of MIT Video, the video site MIT World will be taken down on April 2. That site’s existing library of content — videos of special events and guest lectures at the Institute — will be featured on MIT Video, which will also feature new videos of guest lectures going forward: this change is intended to expose an greater number of possible viewers to the very interesting body of lectures that MIT World captured.

Questions and feedback about the site are welcomed at

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