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Said and Done

Humanities, arts, and social sciences digest for June 2010

Said and Done is the monthly digest from MIT's School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. For a photo-rich version of current research, news, profiles and kudos, visit Said and Done. Highlights include:

Soundings Magazine | Spring 2010

Fresh ideas from three areas of the School's expansive research portfolio. Articles about the work and explorations of philosopher Stephen Yablo, historian Anne McCants, musicologist Michael Cuthbert, ethnomusicologist Patricia Tang, and composer Keeril Makan. Profiles of Kenneth Wang '71 and Dr. Bette Davis.
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Global water issues call on humanities and social science research

Solving the issues involved in providing enough clean water for the world calls on a wide spectrum of research and expertise. “Access to water engages issues of politics, economics, and public health, and in many cases these kinds of problems are more challenging than the technical ones,” says Harriet Ritvo, the Arthur J. Conner Professor of History. As President Hockfield writes in the current issue of MIT Spectrum, the challenge to secure enough clean water for the world is "a challenge perfectly suited to the fluid interdisciplinary strengths of MIT."
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Sally Haslanger receives two major awards in philosophy

Widely respected for her work on the metaphysics of gender and race, Haslanger has received highest honors from two prestigious associations in philosophy. She has been selected as the 2011 Carus Lecturer, an honor presented bi-annually by the American Philosophical Association, and she has been named Distinguished Woman Philosopher of 2010 by the Society for Women in Philosophy.
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