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Surendranath receives Department of Energy Early Career Award

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Liz McGrath
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Department of Chemistry
Yogesh Surendranath
Yogesh Surendranath
Photo: Justin Knight

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has selected Professor Yogesh Surendranath for a 2015 Early Career Research Program award. This highly competitive program supports exceptional researchers early in their careers, when many scientists do their most formative work.

The DOE award will provide five years of support for Surendranath's research aimed at developing chemically-modified carbon materials as tunable Earth-abundant catalysts for advanced fuel cells and batteries. 

"I am grateful to the DOE for this generous award that will allow us to tackle key challenges in energy catalysis," Surendranath says. "By uncovering fundamental design principles, our work will enable next generation renewable energy technologies."

Research in the Surendranath lab focuses on on addressing global challenges in the areas of chemical catalysis, energy storage and utilization, and environmental stewardship.

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