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Graduate student Sami Khan receives Young Researcher Award

The PhD candidate was honored at the 2015 World Hydropower Congress in May.
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Department of Mechanical Engineering
Sami Khan
Sami Khan
Courtesy of the Varanasi Research Group

Sami Khan, a dual-degree graduate student in mechanical engineering and technology and policy, was recently awarded the 2015 International Hydropower Association's "Young Researcher Award,” as part of an initiative by the International Hydropower Association to acknowledge and reward emerging talent in the hydropower sector. He received the award at the World Hydropower Congress that was held in Beijing in May.

Khan, who works as a research assistant in the lab of Kripa Varanasi, an associate professor of mechanical engineering, was recognized for his research on hydrophobic rare-earth oxide-based coatings that have potential application in the hydropower industry to reduce bio-fouling and corrosion. As part of the award, Khan was invited to give a talk on his research, as well as participate in a panel discussion on the future of modernization in hydropower. He also received a one-year honorary membership to the International Hydropower Association. 

Khan wrote a blog post on his research before the conference, which you can read here:

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