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Buchwald receives 2014 Pauling Medal Award

Linus Pauling Award recognizes outstanding contributions in the field of chemistry
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Stephen L. Buchwald
Stephen L. Buchwald
Photo: Justin Knight

Stephen L. Buchwald, the Camille Dreyfus Professor of Chemistry, has been awarded the 2014 Linus Pauling Medal Award, for "outstanding contributions to chemistry meriting national and international recognition."

Buchwald will be honored at a symposium and banquet on Oct. 11, at Western Washington University. The Linus Pauling Medal Award has been given annually since 1966 by the ACS Puget Sound, Ore., and Portland sections of the American Chemical Society. The award is named after its first winner, Nobel laureate Linus Pauling, a native of the Pacific Northwest.

Buchwald's research combines elements of organic synthesis, physical organic chemistry, and organometallic chemistry (studying chemical compounds that contain bonds between carbon and a metal).

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