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Vice President Kolenbrander updates MIT community on response to Boston Marathon bombing

This afternoon, MIT Vice President and Secretary of the Corporation Kirk Kolenbrander emailed the following message to the MIT community.

To the Members of the MIT Community,

In the wake of yesterday's bombing in Boston, I want to write briefly to you about two important aspects of MIT's response.

First, I want to assure you that the MIT Police are taking the necessary precautions to keep MIT safe. Toward that end, John DiFava, Chief of the MIT Police, asks for your help in two ways. First, he asks that you take care not to leave any backpacks or other personal property unattended in public areas: such items may be considered suspicious. Second, if you see anything that looks suspicious to you, please call the MIT Police immediately, at (617) 253-1212.

Second, I encourage us all to be especially considerate of the feelings of those among us who come from faraway lands: in the immediate aftermath of an unexplained act of terror, it is vitally important that we all show great sensitivity in how we discuss who may have been responsible for this act and what might have motivated it. MIT is a caring community, and the full expression of our instinctive decency is never more important than in days like these. In his inaugural address in September, President Reif described the notion of "one MIT" very simply, and I think it bears repetition today: "We are all in this great enterprise together."

We will continue to watch this situation carefully and to communicate with you all as necessary.


Kirk Kolenbrander

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