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Travel safely with your laptop this summer

IS&T strongly encourages you to take safety precautions with your laptop before traveling or working remotely.
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IS&T strongly encourages you to take the following safety precautions before traveling and/or working remotely.

Backing up your computer’s contents to a secure network server lets you restore data in case of error, computer failure or theft.

Be sure to renew both MIT site and personal certificates for any web browser you use. Certificates authenticate who you are, enabling you to use web services such as ECAT, Request Tracker and SAPweb.

Update your MIT Kerberos password right before and/or right after a trip.

Update your software right before traveling and don't install any software while on the road, unless you have verified the vendor.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) for Connecting Remotely
To ensure you establish an encrypted connection to the Internet, MIT community members are encouraged to use the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client.

ALERT: Hotel Internet Connections
Protect your privacy, sensitive data and computer — beware of pop-up windows that ask you to update software when you attempt an Internet connection from a hotel room. For details, see the intelligence note about malicious hackers who target travelers released earlier this month by the Internet Crime Complaint Center.

For more information on laptop protection, see

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