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Research team wins Somiya Award for International Collaboration

Assistant professor Bilge Yildiz, left, and Professor Harry Tuller.
Assistant professor Bilge Yildiz, left, and Professor Harry Tuller.
Photo (Yildiz): Despoina Chatzikyriakou

Materials science and engineering professor Harry Tuller and nuclear science and engineering Professor Bilge Yildiz are among the 2012 recipients of the International Union of Materials Research Societies (IUMRS) Somiya Award along with three international collaborators: Professor John Kilner in the Department of Materials at Imperial College; Jose Santiso, a research scientist at CSIC, Barcelona; and Professor Tatsumi Ishihara in the Department of Applied Chemistry at Kyushu University.

The team was honored for its work on “Design of ionic and mixed conducting ceramics for fuel cell application."

Yildiz and Tuller have been actively collaborating on chemo-mechanical coupling in mixed ionic electronic conducting oxides in energy conversion devices such as solid oxide fuel cells. Their collaborative research has been supported by US-DOE Basic Energy Sciences and the MIT Energy Initiative.

The awards ceremony will be held at the IUMRS International Conference on Electronic Materials (ICEM) hosted by the Materials Research Society of Japan on Sept. 27, 2012 at the Conference Awards Ceremony in Yokohama, Japan.

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