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MIT’s SAP Enterprise Learning Environment will improve access to training opportunities

New training site provides a clearer view into the catalog of MIT courses offered by central offices.

MIT has launched SAP Enterprise Learning for community members. This new training site, which can be accessed via the Training Tab in SAPweb Self Service, provides a clearer view into the catalog of MIT courses offered by central offices (Environment, Health, and Safety; Human Resources; Information Services and Technology; the Office of Sponsored Programs; the Office of the Vice President for Finance; and Facilities).

Based on SAP Standard, the new training site makes it easier to browse the catalog and register for classes. Users can now see what courses they’ve signed up for and view their attendance history. But this improved interface is just the start. The goal is to extend more training to more people through a next-generation eLearning environment. Over time, the service will enable:
  • Multimedia delivery (video, web demos) in the classroom and as online reference
  • Downloadable class materials and supporting documents
  • Collaboration tools (online forums) during programs and potentially beyond
This winter, through targeted pilot programs, the service will offer its first online training courses, with more to follow. Next year, EHS will migrate its suite of compliance-oriented courses from an externally hosted vendor site to the Enterprise Learning environment.

Origins and proof of concept

The initial impetus for SAP Enterprise Learning was to streamline the management of compliance training data required by government agencies, including the EPA, NIH and NSF. These agencies have a growing list of courses that researchers must take, from “Managing Hazardous Waste” to “Responsible Conduct of Research.”

This need to meet compliance requirements dovetailed with a recommendation from the Institute-wide Planning Task Force that MIT move away from custom SAP applications to the standard configuration wherever possible. Using SAP Standard offers greater reliability, flexibility and simpler upgrades. Through its integration with MIT’s Data Warehouse, the upgraded system will also enable reporting on all required training through a single source.

Sponsored by MIT’s Training Alignment Team, the Enterprise Learning environment is a proof of concept for SAP’s standard front end. If all goes well, this front end may also be used for other SAP applications.


The Training Alignment Team encourages members of the community to explore the new SAP Enterprise Learning site. If you have feedback or questions, send mail to the Training Alignment Team.

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