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MIT Sport Shorts — NCAA Championship news and NEWMAC honors

Roundup of news from MIT's fall sports season
Follow MIT cross country, field hockey and women’s soccer in NCAA Championship action
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Field hockey, women’s soccer defeat Springfield College to win NEWMAC Championships

Cross country sweeps NEWMAC Championships for third year in a row
(Men's Recap/Women's Recap)

NEWMAC Fall Postseason Honors

Men’s Cross Country – NEWMAC Champions
Runner of the Year: Hemagiri Arumugam
All-Conference: Hemagiri Arumugam, Bill Phipps, Gihan Amarasiriwardena, Dawit Zewdie, Dan Harper, Paul Welle, Stephen Serene, Ben Mattocks
Academic All-Conference: Hemagiri Arumugam, Jack Bourbonnais, Logan Daum, Ben Mattocks, William Phipps, Stephen Serene, Matthew Weaver

Women’s Cross Country – NEWMAC Champions
Runner of the Year: Maria Monks
Rookie of the Year: Brooke Johnson
All-Conference: Maria Monks, Jacqui Wentz, Brooke Johnson, Missy Showers, Tania Morimoto, Alina Gatowski, Katherine Eve
Academic All-Conference: Katherine Eve, Alina Gatowski, Margaret Lloyd, Maria Monks, Jacqui Wentz

Field Hockey – NEWMAC Champions
Coach of the Year: Cheryl Silva
All-Conference: Molly McShane (First Team), Anna Teruya (First Team), Keri Dixon (First Team), Kimberly Barker (Second Team)
Academic All-Conference: Keri Dixon, Jessica Oleinik, Danielle Smith

Men’s Soccer – NEWMAC Quarterfinalist
All-Conference: Zachary Kabelac (First Team), Christian Therkelsen (First Team), Max Stein-Golenbock (Second Team), Ben Lewis (Second Team)
Academic All-Conference: Samuel Acquah, Akara Ambak, Peter Bojo, Max Stein-Golenbock, Christian Therkelsen

Women’s Soccer – NEWMAC Champions
Athlete of the Year: Lauren Hernley
All-Conference: Lauren Hernley (First Team), Emily Kuo (First Team), Alisha Lussiez (Second Team), Katie Pesce (Second Team)
Academic All-Conference: Kerry Box, Lauren Hernley, Alisha Lussiez, Katie Pesce, Edith Reshef, Liz Theurer

Women’s Tennis – NEWMAC Semifinalist
All-Conference: Leslie Hansen (Second Team No. 1 Singles and No. 1 Doubles), Anastasia Vishnevetsky (Second Team No. 2 Singles and No. 1 Doubles)
Academic All-Conference: Sheena Bhalla, Jenny Dohlman, Leslie Hansen, Jenny Hillary, Sonya Makhni, Anastasia Vishnevetsky

Women’s Volleyball – NEWMAC Runner-Up
All-Conference: Barden Cleeland (First Team), Alex May (First Team), Jenny Li (Second Team), Alyssa Rothman (Second Team)
Academic All-Conference: Katrina Ellison, Kate Kelly, Alex May

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