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President Obama to deliver energy address from MIT on Friday

At noon on Friday, the President will deliver an address from Kresge Auditorium about American leadership on clean energy. The address will be webcast live.
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On Friday, President Barack Obama will visit MIT, where he will deliver an address about American leadership on clean energy as well as meet MIT faculty and students whose research centers on energy. He will be joined by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

An announcement of the President's visit was made on Tuesday evening in a letter to the MIT Community from Kirk Kolenbrander, MIT's Vice President for Institute Affairs and Secretary of the Corporation. "President Obama and President Hockfield both believe that the leading minds in science and technology must bring their talent squarely to bear on creating transformational energy solutions," Kolenbrander wrote. "We are thrilled to see MIT recognized as central to that historic effort."

The speech will be webcast beginning at noon on Friday: it can be viewed online at

Seeing the address from campus
In addition to being webcast, the President's address will be cablecast on MIT Cable channel 8, while open captioning will be provided on MIT Cable channel 9.

The address will also be shown live in the following rooms on campus (see map here): 1-190, 4-237, 26-100, 32-141, 32-155, E51-315 and the MIT360 space at the MIT Museum. The cablecast in Room 32-155 will be open-captioned.

At MIT Lincoln Laboratory, the speech will be simulcast in S2-180 and Laboratory Group conference rooms on Channel 20.

Finally, an "on demand" version of the speech will be available online shortly after the conclusion of the event.

As is common with Presidential visits, seating for the address in Kresge Auditorium will be extraordinarily limited and will be by invitation only. The tickets MIT has for the event will be allocated in such a way as to be broadly representative of the Institute — and weighted to favor students.

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