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Astronaut to give talk on energy and space Aug. 30

Astronaut and MIT alumnus Phil Chapman will give a talk on energy alternatives involving space technology this Wednesday, Aug. 30 in MIT's Ashdown House at 8 p.m.

The talk, followed by a coffee hour at 9, continues a tradition begun in the '40s when Ashdown House, then the Graduate House, hosted lectures by luminaries such as Otto Streuve, Niels Bohr, Robert Frost and Isaac Asimov. The custom was inaugurated by the house's first housemaster, Avery Allen Ashdown.

Chapman, S.M. 1964 and Sc.D. 1967 in aeronautics and astronautics, was selected to be an astronaut by NASA in 1967. He retired in 1972 without making a spaceflight.

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