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MIT Museum to host 17th annual Friday After Thanksgiving (F.A.T.) Chain Reaction

Kinetic artists will guide this year's participants in a "Prime Number Challenge" to create an enormous Rube Goldberg machine at MIT.
Photo: L. Barry Hetherington

The MIT Museum will host its 17th annual Friday After Thanksgiving (F.A.T.) Chain Reaction event on Nov. 28 from 1-4 p.m. in Building W33 (Rockwell Cage). Join more than 1,000 people as families, students, artists, engineers, and many others create chain reactions that get linked up at 3:30 p.m. for a grand finale designed by Arthur Ganson using the theme "Prime Number Challenge."

Kinetic artists Ganson and Jeff Lieberman will mastermind the choreography of this Rube Goldberg machine, assisted by various teams and participants. More than 30 teams from all over the country participate annually in this one-of-a-kind engineering feat that is fun for the audience, as well as for participants.

The MIT Museum program staff organizes activities while Ganson and Lieberman work with team participants to make sure the links will work. "Being part of a chain reaction allows people to explore their own creativity," says Brindha Muniappan, MIT Museum program director and MIT alumna, adding, "it's a wonderful family and community event!"

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