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MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation launches 2014 global manufacturing survey with Supply Chain Digest

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Leslie Sheppard
Phone: 617-852-2708
MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation

The MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation announced recently that it has launched its 2014 global manufacturing survey.

The survey follows up on the Forum’s 2012 survey and report with Supply Chain Digest, “U.S Re-shoring: A Turning Point,” which had 340 participants and revealed many interesting findings. Data showed, for instance, that, among U.S. manufacturing companies, there was a significant disparity between the companies that were “considering” reshoring — bringing manufacturing activities back to the United States — and those that are "definitively" planning on reshoring. This disparity was independent of company size.

Specifically, 33.6 percent of respondents stated that they are "considering" reshoring, while only 15.3 percent of U.S. companies stated that they are "definitively" planning to reshore activities. Time-to-market and controlling costs were two main reasons for re-shoring, according to the survey.

MIT professor David Simchi-Levi, founder of the MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation, says, “As a follow-up to our 2012 report, we wanted to determine if the same reshoring trends were continuing and, if in fact, companies that were ‘considering’ to bring back manufacturing to the U.S. are now ‘definitively’ planning to bring back manufacturing and specifically, which manufacturing activities they are now moving.”

The Forum’s 2014 global manufacturing survey will be sent to participants across the global manufacturing industry in collaboration with Supply Chain Digest.

“This promises to be one of the largest surveys to date on U.S. manufacturing trends, and I think the results will be of great interest to manufacturers, policymakers, academia and more," says Dan Gilmore, editor and founder of Supply Chain Digest.

To take the 2014 MIT Forum Global Manufacturing Survey, please click here.

The MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation is a community composed of academics and industry members whose support allows forum researchers to provide customer-focused solutions to design and manage the new supply chain. The Forum has pioneered a deeper understanding of the supply chain and its relationship to corporate strategy and has broad support from a wide cross-section of industry.

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