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Miklos Porkolab receives Hannes Alfvén Prize

Professor cited for contributions to fusion energy development and the physics of plasma waves
Miklos Porkolab
Miklos Porkolab
Photo: Paul Rivenberg

Professor Miklos Porkolab, director of the Plasma Science and Fusion Center at MIT and professor in the MIT's Department of Physics, received the 2013 Hannes Alfvén Prize at a ceremony held in Espoo (Helsinki), Finland on July 1.

The honor, given annually by the European Physical Society (EPS) during their Conference on Plasma Physics, recognizes outstanding work in the field of plasma science and fusion research.

Porkolab was cited “for his seminal contributions to the physics of plasma waves and his key role in the development of fusion energy." Noting additional areas of his research, including the areas of magnetic reconnection, laser-plasma interaction and inertial confinement fusion, the citation concludes: “With such a broad scientific expertise in plasma physics, unique contributions to first-rate theories, exciting and novel experiments and development of innovative diagnostic techniques, as well as with a great devotion to science education and service, Miklos Porkolab has a strong impact on fusion energy research worldwide.”

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