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MIT website provides a welcoming experience for new hires

New employees now have a wealth of resources to guide them as they begin their professional lives at MIT, from a New Hire Activities Application to an orientation and onboarding website.

Picture this: Mary has just completed her first month as an employee at MIT. Her manager has scheduled a meeting to make sure everything’s going smoothly and has asked Mary to comment on her experience getting acclimated to MIT. As Mary prepares for the meeting, this is what she jots down:

"Before starting at MIT, I received a welcome letter with access to the New Hire Application. So by the time I arrived, I had already obtained my electronic credentials and signed the required forms, allowing me to hit the ground running. The Orientation and Onboarding website has also been a big help. I’ve bookmarked it and gone there countless times. I’ve discovered the offices and services directory, a guide to MIT jargon and acronyms, the MIT Mobile App, and even resources for wellness. The Inclusive Community page confirms what I’ve already observed — that MIT is very diverse. I feel like I’ve landed in a small, yet global town of smart, high-energy people. There’s so much going on!"

Every day, MIT welcomes new staff as they join departments, labs and centers (DLCs) across campus. Now, through the work of the Hiring Experience and Onboarding Experience teams, new employees have a wealth of resources (like the hypothetical Mary) to help them get off to a positive and productive start. Up front, the New Hire Activities Application gives them the tools they need to complete essential first steps — such as signing key forms.

The New Employee Orientation & Onboarding website, launched by MIT Human Resources in October, provides important resources in one place for both new hires and managers. Tools include:

  • Checklists: The site provides both employees and managers with parallel step-by-step guides for what to do and expect during each phase of onboarding, from before the employee starts straight through their first year.
  • Managers/DLCs: Onboarding a New Hire: A separate section for managers and DLCs shows what new employees see in the New Hire Application. It also provides tools, checklists, and other resources to help managers create an effective onboarding experience for new employees, build a strong relationship with them, and help them become engaged members of the community.
  • Benefits, Perks, MIT App, Find Your Way: Four easy-to-spot options on the home page make it easy for new hires to learn about and access key resources.
The Benefits section addresses everything from life insurance, health plans, and retirement accounts to tuition assistance and time off. The Perks section provides eligibility information for discounts from the  MIT Activities Committee, as well as MBTA passes, home and auto insurance, cell phone plans, eyewear, and more. The MIT App, available on the iPhone and Android, provides around-the-clock access to essential MIT information and services, such as the people directory, shuttle schedules, the events calendar, and emergency information. And the Find Your Way section provides tips for getting around campus, a listing of MIT news sources, and resources for professional growth and learning.

Feedback Welcome

In the coming year, staff in MIT Human Resources will be creating communications and programming to support the best practices outlined on the New Employee Orientation & Onboarding website. To learn more about onboarding at MIT or to give feedback, contact Anne Lafleur, MIT’s onboarding specialist, at or 617.452.2990.

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