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IS&T plans to retire Windows XP, recommends upgrading to Windows 7

Will phase out support for XP by Aug. 1, 2013.
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Microsoft has announced that they will terminate extended support for Windows XP SP3 on April 8, 2014. This termination will apply to security updates, paid hotfix agreement support, and paid per-incident support services. Given the number of XP users on campus, Information Services and Technology (IS&T) wants to help users avoid the serious implications of the end of XP support and security updates.

To prepare XP users at MIT for this deadline, IS&T is planning to phase out support for XP by Aug. 1, 2013 (not 2012). IS&T recommends that departments, labs and centers (DLCs) still using XP machines upgrade to Windows 7 Enterprise by that date.

Phased Windows XP de-support plan
• Phase I – Assessment and Planning (June 2012 – October 1, 2012)

IS&T will assess the existing XP user base and work with IT colleagues across campus to outline a phased XP de-support strategy.

October 1, 2012 – Windows XP will be removed from the Software Download site. (Windows XP media will be made available only on a per-request basis).

• Phase II Upgrade and migration of Windows XP machines to Windows 7 (October 1, 2012 – August 1, 2013)

IS&T will work with DLCs to find suitable migration scenarios from XP to Windows 7 based on their environment. IS&T will send periodic updates on the progress of XP de-support.

August 1, 2013 – IS&T will end support for Windows XP.

• Phase III – Finalizing termination of XP support (August 1, 2013 – April 8, 2014)

IS&T will no longer develop and test applications and services for Windows XP and its default browser, Internet Explorer 8. IS&T will continue to provide security patches released by Microsoft via the Windows Automatic Update Service (WAUS) until April 8, 2014, but will no longer test them in MIT environment.

April 8, 2014 – Microsoft will terminate extended support for Windows XP.

How to Obtain Windows 7 Enterprise
MIT offers Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise through the Microsoft Campus Agreement at no direct cost to DLCs, for faculty and staff use. To learn more about MSCA policies, see the Microsoft Campus Agreement: Overview page.

You can download Windows 7 from the Windows 7 at MIT page.

Getting Help
If you need assistance installing or using Windows 7, contact the IS&T Help Desk at 617.253.1101 or You can also submit a request online.

To follow project developments, check out the Windows XP De-support Project wiki.

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