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Tomorrow's MIT students

High schoolers visit MIT as part of Fidelity, Teach for America program
If you were a high school student visiting MIT, what could be cooler than going through the wind tunnel, taking part in a LEGO motorized-car rally, and checking out the 150th exhibit at the MIT Museum?

Through a partnership with MIT’s 401(k) administrator, Fidelity Investments, and Teach for America, Excel High School students from Brookline, Mass., had this cool experience on Friday, May 20, when they took part in a “Fidelity Field Trip.” Through these excursions, students are exposed to what’s happening at universities such as MIT while offering them the chance to think big about their career paths.

During the half-day program, the students attended an orientation and a scavenger hunt at the Edgerton Center, followed by a trip to Stata for a college prep discussion. The line-up for the next couple of hours consisted of visits to the Prather, Fang, Green, Cheng and Perdichizzi labs, the David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research and the MIT Museum. The stay ended with the opportunity to interview current MIT students. Safe to say, there’s a good chance some of the Excel students might be doing their own excelling at MIT in a few years.

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