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The What, Who, and How of DUE: The Office of Faculty Support (OFS)

This is the fifth in a series of articles from the Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education (DUE) that answers the questions: What does that office really do? Who works there? And how does the office advance/impact education at MIT?

What does it mean to be the Office of Faculty Support?

As the steward of the undergraduate curriculum at MIT, the faculty is responsible for oversight and innovation in the curriculum. When you consider that this encompasses the General Institute Requirements, majors, minors and all other aspects of the curriculum, such as transfer credits and grading policies, this is no small feat. Here is where the Office of Faculty Support (OFS) comes in. As a key partner, OFS supports the faculty in the ongoing coordination and enhancement of the undergraduate curriculum, and in advocacy for effective educational infrastructure and resources.

How does OFS help advance the undergraduate curriculum?
  • Facilitating faculty governance
  • Advising students on the HASS and communication requirements
  • Collecting data to support faculty/departmental decisions
  • Fostering curriculum innovation
  • Linking the faculty and the administration to address cross-cutting issues
Read the full article from the January 2011 DUE newsletter

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