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Making MIT’s (750-pound) sesquicentennial cake

See the five-day process that started at Montilio's bakery in Brockton ended with the MIT150 sesquicentennial cake — all 750 pounds of it — being devoured at Toast to Tech.
Montilio's baked a 750 pound cake for Toast to Tech.
Montilio's baked a 750 pound cake for Toast to Tech.
Photo: Amy Marcott

It took six decorators and two bakers nearly week to build MIT’s biggest birthday cake ever. The result? A 24-foot long masterpiece that looked as good as it tasted. Watch the video to see how it all came together. Happy 150th MIT!
  • Creator: Montilio’s of Boston
  • Weight (cake and icing): 750 lbs.
  • Number of cupcakes: 1,000
  • Weight w/cupcake river: 1,000 lbs./450,000 g.
  • Number of bakers: 2
  • Number of decorators: 6
  • Days to construct: 5
  • Percent of finished creation that will be edible (non-structural): 80
Go to the Slice of MIT blog post for the cake ingredients and the video link.

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