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National Research Council releases assessment of U.S. doctoral programs

Rankings reaffirm MIT’s leadership role in science and technology.

On Sept. 28, 2010, the National Research Council issued its assessment of U.S. doctoral programs. The stated goals of the NRC assessment are to help universities improve the quality of these programs through benchmarking; to provide potential students and the public with accessible, readily available information on doctoral programs nationwide; and to enhance the nation's overall research capacity.

MIT was among the 212 institutions whose programs were assessed by the NRC, one of the independent National Academies that advises the federal government on medical, scientific and technological policy. In 2007, MIT submitted data for 28 doctoral programs to the NRC; the NRC returned rankings for 27 programs (the NRC did not construct computer-engineering rankings because too few programs submitted data).

The rankings reaffirmed MIT's leadership role in scientific and technological research and education. To learn more about the NRC rankings, please visit MIT’s institutional research website.

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