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Love named one of Popular Science magazine’s 'Brilliant 10'

Assistant professor honored for immunology work.
Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering J. Christopher Love
Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering J. Christopher Love
Photo: Webb Chappell

Popular Science magazine has named MIT Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering J. Christopher Love, 33, to its annual "Brilliant 10" list of top young scientists.

Love was honored for his work in immunology: He has developed an imprinting technique for analyzing large numbers of individual living cells quantitatively and dynamically. His approach measures multiple characteristics of single cells, and from those data he can construct detailed profiles that describe the state and evolution of the cell itself or the multicellular population of which it is a member.

The magazine stated that Love’s work “could solve long-standing medical mysteries: How the immune system responds to HIV infection, what methods doctors should use to diagnose deadly allergies, and why drug production is so inconsistent, and thus so expensive.”

Love is the second MIT chemical engineering professor in two years to be honored with the magazine's “Brilliant 10” label. In 2009, Michael Strano, 34, the Charles and Hilda Roddey Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, was honored for his work with confined quantum materials (such as graphene). His work "has the power to transform cancer medicine, solar power, electronics and more," according to the magazine.

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