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Graduate student Forrest wins Superior Presentation Award at Sigma Xi

Honored for work on fluids with low global warming potential
Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering graduate student Eric Forrest won the Superior Presentation Award at the 2010 Sigma Xi Annual Meeting and International Research Conference for his presentation on "Nanoparticle-Based Heat Transfer Enhancement in Low Global Warming Potential Fluids."

Forrest studies the boiling heat transfer performance of novel fluids (e.g., a fluorinated ketone commercialized under the name NovecTM 649), which have low global warming potential (GWP), and thus are considered environmentally friendly alternatives to current fluids for power electronics cooling applications. By seeding the fluid with nanoparticles, Forrest seeks to increase the heat transfer coefficient, thus realizing a more effective and economic heat transfer medium. Forrest works with Dr. Lin-Wen Hu of the Nuclear Reactor Laboratory and Dr. Tom McKrell and Professor Jacopo Buongiorno of nuclear science and engineering.

The Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society hosts an annual Student Research Conference which showcases some of the premier student research in the world, and connects senior researchers with students. Students present research to be evaluated by professional researchers in all fields of Science and Engineering. Forrest, whose presentation was judged the best in the engineering category, was awarded a medal for his outstanding research.

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