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Design Notes

Fall 2010 edition of the MIT Hobby Shop newsletter

Design Notes is the newsletter of the MIT Hobby Shop — a fully equipped wood and metal shop open to the MIT community. For more than 70 years, the Hobby Shop has been a place for MIT community members to see their ideas become reality. Check out the fall 2010 newsletter to read about these highlights and more:
  • Designed by Professor Alex Slocum and given to President Obama during his visit to MIT, the now famous 'Waters Parted' T-shirt will benefit the Hobby Shop. Learn more about the T-shirt and how you can buy one.
  • R.J. Regier '72 discovered a passion in the Hobby shop that became his life's work. His instruments are now some of those most sought after in the world. Read his story and see photos of his work.
  • The Hobby Shop hosted the National Furniture Society Conference in June. See photos and read about the exhibits.
To read these stories and more, check out the Hobby Shop's Fall 2010 issue of Design Notes (PDF)

About the MIT Hobby Shop

The MIT Hobby Shop has been fostering MIT's spirit of learning by doing for more than 70 years by providing tools, training, and assistance to any and all MIT community members interested in turning their ideas into reality.

The Hobby Shop is a fully equipped wood and metal shop whose mission includes teaching students the art of thoughtful design. The design process starts from paper and pencil and includes the use of traditional shop tools, computer aided design, and CNC machines. The professional staff offers instruction, advice, and classes in a relaxed atmosphere. The members form a community of designers and builders, engineers and artists, all of whom share the common desire to create. The MIT Hobby Shop is part of the Division of Student Life.

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