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Winter Festival Concert and Forum Series lauded

"Hats off to ... [MIT's] Marcus Thompson," says The Boston Globe
Marcus Thompson, professor of music and artistic director of the Boston Chamber Music Society
Marcus Thompson, professor of music and artistic director of the Boston Chamber Music Society

The MIT Winter Festival series, now underway through Jan. 23, is a collaborative endeavor that brings together two music powerhouses and scholars from various disciplines to explore the idea of musical time.

The Music and Theater Arts faculty of MIT's School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences team up with the Boston Chamber Music Society, and colleagues from physics, literature and other areas to create this rich, exploratory series. The initial concert and forum, the first of three, evoked a glowing review from Boston Globe critic, Jeremy Eichler:  
"On paper, and indeed in its execution, judging from this past Saturday’s events, 'Musical Time’' is the most imaginative, most ambitious and most rewarding programming that the Boston Chamber Music Society has offered in recent years. Hats off to the organization’s new artistic director Marcus Thompson [professor of music at MIT]. A festival of this nature should undoubtedly become an annual BCMS tradition.

Taken on its own terms, Saturday evening’s performance would have been a richly satisfying evening of chamber music. But the concert was introduced by a wide-ranging panel discussion with composer Libby Larsen, music historian Michael Scott Cuthbert, theater designer Sara Brown, and physicist Robert Jaffe, whose explanations of subatomic and cosmological time provided a particularly mind-bending context for the discussion of musical time." (Excerpt from The Boston Globe review of Jan. 12, 2010)

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