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Said and Done

Humanities, arts, and social sciences digest for July 2010
Evan Zipporyn, Kenan Sahin Distinguished Professor of Music
Evan Zipporyn, Kenan Sahin Distinguished Professor of Music

Said and Done is the monthly digest from MIT's School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences. For a photo-rich version of current research, news, profiles and kudos, visit Said and Done. Highlights include:

New York Times calls Evan Ziporyn and Bang On A Can "exhilarating"

Evan Ziporyn, Kenan Sahin Distinguished Professor of Music, is a founding member of the acclaimed "Bang on a Can All Stars" group, which recently performed a 13-hour music festival at the Winter Garden. The New York Times reviews, calling Ziporyn's contribution, "a flamboyant fusion of Balinese gamelan and rock guitars into something new, personal and exhilarating."
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DeGraff cites vital role for Creole in rebuilding Haiti

In a June 16, 2010, op-ed in The Boston Globe, Associate Professor of Linguistics Michel DeGraff writes that after the devastating earthquake Haitians now have "a rare opportunity to build a new and vibrant school system." DeGraff explains why providing educational instruction in the Creole language that is spoken by the majority of the Haitian people is crucial if the billions in international aid for schools is to be successful.
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David Deveau inaugurates new hall for Rockport Music
David Deveau is a pianist, senior lecturer in music and theater arts, and, since 1995, artistic director of the Rockport Chamber Music Festival (now Rockport Music). He has been a key force behind the acclaimed Shalin Liu Performance Center, which opened in Rockport, Massachusetts in June 2010.
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Soundings Magazine | Spring 2010
Fresh ideas from the musical frontier, history of technology, and philosophy — three areas of the School's expansive research portfolio.

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