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MIT engaging presidential campaigns in national dialogue

As part of a long-standing effort to bring issues of energy, science, technology, education and innovation into the national spotlight, MIT is seeking to engage both of this year's major-party presidential campaigns in an open dialogue.
This week, the Institute formally invited both Senator John McCain and Senator Barack Obama to visit the campus, to witness the breakthrough work of our researchers and to discuss vital questions of energy and innovation with students, faculty and entrepreneurs.
Tomorrow (Thursday, June 26), MIT President Susan Hockfield will join U.S. business, education and community leaders for a summit on American competitiveness with Illinois Senator Barack Obama. The event, to be held at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, will focus on energy; education; innovation, science, and technology; health care; and infrastructure. MIT is actively seeking parallel opportunities with the campaign of Senator John McCain.

As part of its educational and research mission, MIT is committed to dialogue with national and international leaders on important issues. MIT does not support or oppose any particular candidate and maintains an open-door policy to all presidential candidates.

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