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HST's Karp among Technology Review's top young innovators

Jeffrey Karp
Jeffrey Karp
Photo / Stemgent

MIT instructor Jeffery Karp and several other people with close affiliations to MIT have been named to the TR35, Technology Review Magazine's annual list of 35 outstanding men and women under the age of 35 who exemplify the spirit of innovation in business and technology.

The 2008 TR35 were selected from more than 300 submissions by the editors of Technology Review in collaboration with a prestigious panel of judges from leading organizations such as BP, Digg,, IBM Watson Research Center, MIT, Princeton University, Texas A&M, Xerox and Yale University.

"Discovering the amazing young men and women who make up the TR35 is one of the highlights of the year for us," said Jason Pontin, editor in chief and publisher of Technology Review. "The innovators on our 2008 list have made truly remarkable and valuable contributions."

The 35 innovators, whose names were announced Aug. 19, will be profiled in the September/October issue of the magazine and online. They will also be honored at the 2008 Emerging Technologies Conference to be held at MIT Sept. 23-25.

Karp, an affiliate faculty member of the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology, was selected for his work on "gecko-inspired surgical tape" that could be a "noninvasive alternative to the sutures and staples that have long been a mainstay of surgery and emergency medicine," according to Technology Review.

Created using a biodegradable polymer, the tape "is covered with nanoscale pillars akin to the gripping structures on geckos' feet. Coated with a sugar-based glue, the tape securely closes a surgical incision and then degrades completely over time."

MIT alumni among the TR35 include Martin Burke, who earned a 2005 degree from HST; Chris Chang PhD '02; Michelle Chang PhD '04; Tanzeem Choudhury SM '99, PhD '04; Ric Fulop MBA '06; Julia Greer '97; Andrew Ng SM '98; Milica Radisic PhD '04; Adam Smith '07; Eric Wilhelm '99, SM '01, PhD '04; and Ronggui Yang PhD '06. In addition, Aimee Rose PhD '03 is an MIT visiting scientist, while Ted Betley and Konrad Hochedlinger were recent postdoctoral researchers at the Institute.

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