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Division of Student Life awards

Agent of Change Award--to a student, student organization, or living group who has demonstrated a strong commitment to and passion for justice and activism, recognizing attempts to create positive change in the MIT Community and beyond
- Global Poverty Initiative

Organizational Excellence Award--to a student organization or living group for a combination of these characteristics: positive contributions to the MIT community; outstanding events or other programming; and a strong organizational structure or government
- Society of Women Engineers

Common Ground Award--for noteworthy collaboration and partnership between student organizations, living groups and/or governmental groups to produce a program or event or to address a campus need
- Graduate Student Council, Class of 2008 Council and Society of Women Engineers for the 2007 Career Fair

Outstanding Event Award--to a student organization or living group for their efforts to plan and implement an event or series of events that are well-run, advertised, attracted broad participation from within the MIT community and contributed to student life at MIT
- Energy Club for their MIT Energy Conference
- South Asian American Students for their Spring Culture Show

Philanthropy Award--to a group or individual that coordinated a philanthropy effort or event that raised awareness and funds for a particular charity
- Amnesty International

Strength and Conviction Award--to a student who labored on behalf of a student group, living group or governmental organization to overcome longstanding or unforeseen challenges while showing dedication to his or her organization and campus life at MIT
- Andrew Clare '08

Distinguished Dedication Award--o up to two undergraduates and two graduate students who went "above and beyond" his or her call of duty as student leader and who showed dedication to his or her organization and campus life at MIT
- Lara Kostun '08
- James Peacock '08
- Mireille Akilian G
- Cyrus-Charles Weaver G

Legacy Award--to a member of a living group or student organization for making a sustained and outstanding contribution to the MIT community
- Anne Liu '08
- Robert Wang G

Lifetime Achievement Award--for strong commitment to and passion for an MIT experience that explores and empowers student leadership and engagement beyond the classroom
- Larry G. Benedict

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 4, 2008 (download PDF).

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