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Faculty members awarded tenure

The Corporation's Executive Committee approved 25 faculty members for promotion to tenure on May 16.

Those who received tenure, all associate professors unless otherwise noted, are Eran Ben-Joseph of urban studies and planning; David L. Darmofal of aeronautics and astronautics; Scott R. Manalis and Bevin P. Engelward of biological engineering; Bernhardt L. Trout of chemical engineering; Charles F. Harvey and Martin F. Polz of civil and environmental engineering; Krste Asanovic, Isaac L. Chuang and Muriel Medard of electrical engineering and computer science; David Autor and Victor Chernozhukov (promoted from assistant professor) of economics; Emma J. Teng of foreign languages and literatures; Chappell Lawson of political science; Georgia Perakis, Antoinette

Schoar, Andreas S. Schulz, Jesper B. Sorensen and Ezra W. Zuckerman Sivan of the Sloan School of Management; Michael B. Yaffe of biology; Jianshu Cao, Catherine L. Drennan and Andrei Tokmakoff of chemistry; Andras Vasy of mathematics; and Max Tegmark of physics.

Individual photos and profiles, including any additional members of the faculty who receive tenure before the end of the academic year, will appear in a fall issue of MIT Tech Talk.

Additionally, the following 22 have been promoted from associate professor with tenure to full professor: Mark Jarzombek and Terry W. Knight (effective Sept. 1, 2004) of architecture; Rosalind Wright Picard of media arts and sciences; David Ben Schauer of biological engineering; Bruce Tidor of biological engineering and electrical engineering and computer science; Paul I. Barton of chemical engineering; Heidi M. Nepf of civil and environmental engineering; William T. Freeman, Daniel N. Jackson, Franz X. Kaertner and Steven B. Leeb of electrical engineering and computer science; Angela M. Belcher of materials science and engineering and biological engineering; George Haller and Douglas P. Hart of mechanical engineering; Peter T. C. So of mechanical engineering and biological engineering; Ronald G. Ballinger of nuclear engineering; James Buzard of literature; David Mindell of science, technology and society; Dan Ariely of Sloan School of Management; Edward Gibson of brain and cognitive sciences; Pavel I. Etingof of mathematics; and Krishna Rajagopal of physics.

Twenty-four faculty members were promoted from assistant professor to associate professor without tenure: John E. Fernandez, Wendy Jacob, Heghnar Watenpaugh and J. Meejin Yoon of architecture; Cynthia Breazeal of media arts and sciences; Balakrishnan Rajagopal of urban studies and planning; Zoltan S. Spakovszky and Karen E. Willcox of aeronautics and astronautics; Michael J. Collins, Erik D. Demaine, Michael D. Ernst and Pablo A. Parrilo of electrical engineering and computer science; Leonid A. Mirny of health sciences and technology; Yoel Fink, Nicola Marzari and Christopher A. Schuh of materials science and engineering; George Barbastathis and Samir Nayfeh of mechanical engineering; Xavier Gabaix of economics; Noel B. Jackson of literature; Patricia Tang of music and theater arts; Peter D. Wysocki of the Sloan School of Management; Julian P. Sachs of earth, atmospheric and planetary sciences; and Igor Pak of mathematics.

All promotions will take effect on July 1, 2005, unless otherwise noted.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 1, 2005 (download PDF).

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