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China, Hong Kong taken off travel warning list

China and Hong Kong have been taken off the travel warning lists of the Department of State, the Centers for Disease Control or the World Health Organization, and consequently are no longer on MIT's Travel Risk Policy's high, highest or moderate-risk lists. China and Hong Kong had been listed due to SARS outbreaks in those places.

Any member of the MIT community who wishes to travel to China or Hong Kong may do so without any particular action as long as there are no further warnings for these locales. All members of the MIT community are still urged to familiarize themselves with the general risks and guidance provided by the Department of State, CDC and WHO on China and Hong Kong.

Taiwan is still on MIT's high-warning list because the State Department is still asking its personnel and their families to leave Taiwan voluntarily. However, Taiwan may be removed shortly from the State Department list; those interested in traveling to Taiwan are advised to check MIT's Travel Risk Policy and the Department of State web site frequently for changes.

MIT's Travel Risk Policy is available at

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