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Construction update


The street and sidewalk in front of the building are now fully accessible. The security system has been installed.


Waterproofing inspection and window installation are ongoing. A tunnel connection from the Stata Center to Building 26 is being built. Some odor may result from this work; air fresheners are available for offices that experience problems. Preparation for utility work between Building 56 and the Alumni Pool has begun.


The temporary faculty offices have been removed and the move into Phase 2 labs is underway. The chilled water supply to Building 18 has been shut off temporarily to allow relocation of piping in the sub-basement; service will be restored on Dec. 13. Repair work on the east concrete facade is nearing completion. Installation of mechanical systems continues.


Curbing is complete on the south side of the Stata Center site. The sidewalk base along Building 35 is complete. As work shifts to the north side of the street in late December, a temporary sidewalk will be placed on the south side.

Traffic to Building 39 will use the normal exit and entrance lanes once again. These lanes will stay in effect for several weeks until the next phase of the project, when they will change back to one lane in and one lane out from a single entrance as the construction sequence dictates.

Rear exits between buildings 34 and 38 will be closed for several weeks due to an underground telecommunications ductbank project. There will still be one exit from the Building 34 lobby in the direction of Building 26. The pedestrian route from the Albany Street garage through Building 34 to the main campus will not be available. People should enter the campus using the pedestrian walkway under Building 39.


Concrete will soon be removed to prepare for installation of the new handicapped-accessible entrance. Some noise resulting from jack-hammering may occur. Landscaping north of the main steps will take place in the spring after the ramp is in place. Ramp construction will continue into January.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on December 11, 2002.

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