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CopyTech Express with 24-hour copiers opens in Bldg W20

The MIT Copy Technology Centers have opened a new location on the Stratton Student Center's ground floor, in the space formerly occupied by the MIT Museum Shop. CopyTech Express was created in response to student demand for a Student Center location and more hours of operation than the two existing centers in Rms 11-004 and E52-045.

"Students often need only a single copy, a single binding, a fast poster, a quick print option," said June Milligan, marketing development manager for the CopyTech Centers. "This center will provide a place to do these types of activities." Students asked for these services in their responses to a 1998 survey by the CopyTech Centers. Among other results, 95 percent of students responding asked for a CopyTech in the Student Center.

Visiting speakers and MIT should also find the new center convenient for making last-minute presentation materials, and staff members needing copy services on nights and weekends are also expected as customers, Ms. Milligan said.

Although one CopyTech staff member will be on duty some of the time to guide users through their jobs or make suggestions, the new center is geared primarily for self-service. There is 24-hour access to two coin-operated photocopy machines and two Athena Quickstations.

On Monday through Friday from 11am-midnight and Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-7pm, when a staff person is present, a number ofself-service machines are also available, including two G3 PowerMacs with scanners and 250MB Zip drives networked to a Canon 700 color copier, a black-and-white copier and a dye sublimation printer. Other self-service devices are a fax machine, a poster machine with alamination option, digital photocopiers, a separate lamination machine and a GBC binder.

Eventually, CopyTech Express will also offer limited workstation consultation, computer-file-to-35mm-slide service, and the ability to make overhead presentation materials.

Customers will be able to pay by cash, check, Visa/MasterCard, MIT Student Card, MIT Procurement Credit Card, SAP requisitions or authorized accounts.

There will be a grand opening celebration sometime next month, Ms. Milligan said.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on February 24, 1999.

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