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Airfares on American Airlines have been discounted further

The travel disivion of the Controller's Accounting Office (CAO) has announced that the discount rate on the American Airlines program has increased from 16 percent to 18 percent for domestic flights for MIT travelers and students, effective immediately.

This change, which applies to flights to and from the contiguous 48 states plus Hawaii and Puerto Rico, was a direct result of MIT meeting a purchase quota. As long as MIT customers continue to buy tickets at the present volume, the discount will remain at 18 percent, and it could rise to 20 percent with higher usage.

The American Express Travel Center and Omni Travel will reissue tickets where possible to take advantage of the greater discount. Travelers are also reminded that MIT has an agreement with the Delta Shuttle for travel between both New York and Boston, and between New York and Washington, DC, for $91.20 (one way).

These above discount fares are available only when using American Express Travel (x3-7961) or Omni Travel (x3-9405). For more information, call Ellen Sico in CAO at x3-3547.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on June 3, 1998.

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