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Open house introduces Learning Center and SAP

MIT's Professional Learning Center will hold an open house on Monday, Jan. 13 from noon-2pm to introduce the Institute community to training for the new SAP financial system.

The Center is in Building W89, which is located at 301 Vassar St. across from the Westgate graduate student housing complex.

The open house will include a demonstration of computer-based training for SAP, a sampling of the instructional self-study materials, a presentation of MIT's online SAP documentation, and a tour of the facility. Members of the community also will have an opportunity to meet the Center's staff and the Management Reporting Project's trainers.

The Learning Center is a multipurpose training facility. In addition to being used for SAP classes, it will also provide core training to introduce new users to basic computer skills such as electronic mail and Internet access. Some of the Personnel Office's professional development seminars and Information Systems' computer courses also are being taught at the Learning Center.

For more information, visit the Center's Web site at <> or call x8-9601.


An interactive electronic forum called "sapusers" has also been created to aid in communication about issues arising from the implementation of SAP R/3. The URL is <>.

The forum uses the new Web-Meet hypertext discussion archiving system. Participants can reply to existing messages, create new ones, and sort messages by author, date or subject. Representatives from the Controller's Accounting Office, Purchasing Office, Office of Sponsored Programs, Office of Budget and Financial Planning, and Management Reporting Project will provide information for the discussion.

The "sapusers" forum, moderated by Robert Murray of the Management Reporting Project, is open to participation from any member of the Institute community. Users who don't have Web access can participate in the forum via e-mail; contact Mr. Murray at x8-7318 or <> for instructions.

A version of this article appeared in MIT Tech Talk on January 8, 1997.

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