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Optical computing

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To prevent microwaves passing through it from reflecting backward, a new 'metamaterial' uses antennas of alternating orientations (top) that are connected by amplifier circuits (bottom).

Riding herd on photons

A new ‘metamaterial’ prevents electromagnetic waves from reflecting backward, pointing the way toward computer chips that move data with light.

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A new test chip developed by Vladimir Stojanovic, Rajeev Ram and their colleagues, which monolithically integrates electrical and optical components and was produced on an existing IBM manufacturing line.

Microchips’ optical future

To keep energy consumption under control, future chips may need to move data using light instead of electricity — and the technical expertise to build them may reside in the United States.

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A close up of the chips that use germanium lasers to transmit data.

First germanium laser

New results from MIT’s Electronic Materials Research Group bring us closer to computers that use light instead of electricity to move data.

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