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Inside the Johnson Athletics Center, Sarah Stoops wears a 2.007 shirt as she uses a remote control to control a metal robot with 4 yellow wheels and lots of wires on top. In the background are balloons, a referee in a striped shirt, and people watching in the stands.

2.007 Forever!

With winches, spinners, and telescoping contraptions, bots go head to head in student robot competition inspired by “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.”

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The MIT Press colophon is made of 7 vertical black bars and is on a white background. The black bars are evenly spaced, and 5 are the same height. The 5th from left is taller, alluding to the lowercase “t.”  The 6th from left extends below the others, and with the 7th looks like a lowercase “p.”

A symbol with a story

The iconic MIT Press colophon symbolizes the legacy of its creator Muriel Cooper, a graphic design pioneer and longtime member of the MIT community.

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