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Letter regarding changes to MIT Alert notifications

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The following letter was sent to the MIT community by John DiFava, Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police, and Israel Ruiz, Executive Vice President and Treasurer.

Members of the MIT community:

Starting this Friday, August 16, all current students and employees will automatically be subscribed to MIT Alert notifications. Subscriptions will be activated through Kerberos ID, which will subscribe the MIT community member using their MIT email address and cell phone number associated with Duo registration. Anyone who officially leaves MIT will be unsubscribed automatically.

Customize your MIT Alert subscription

We strongly encourage you to visit the MIT Alert website and choose the “Students, Faculty, & Staff” button to customize your preferred contact information for receiving MIT Alert messages. Personal email addresses and cell phone numbers will not carry over from the old system; please visit the MIT Alert portal to add any additional contact information where you would like to receive alerts. Although we do not recommend it, you can also remove your Duo phone number from MIT Alert through these portals.

Subscriptions for the extended MIT community

A new portal has been created to allow external community members (e.g., spouses and partners, parents, other loved ones, Cambridge residents, nearby businesses) to subscribe to MIT Alert notifications.

  • The extended community can subscribe to MIT Alert by visiting the MIT Alert website and choosing the “Extended Community” button.
  • Please note: All extended community members currently in the system will need to renew their subscription on or after August 16, 2019 or they will no longer receive MIT Alert messages.

To learn more about MIT Alert, including how, when, and why messages are sent to the MIT community, visit the MIT Alert website. As always, you can check for more information during an emergency.

For questions about MIT Alert or any other MIT emergency preparedness topic, please contact MIT Emergency Management by email at or phone at (617) 452-4368.

Thank you for helping us support a safer and more informed MIT community.


John DiFava, Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police

Israel Ruiz, Executive Vice President and Treasurer

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