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MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation and Infosys form Global Risk Advisory Group

Group will focus on helping industry expose and mitigate risk.
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Leslie Sheppard
Phone: 617-852-2708
MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation
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The MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation announced the formation of a Global Risk Advisory Group with Infosys, to help businesses across multiple sectors identify, quantify, and mitigate operational and financial risks. The group will combine MIT Professor David Simchi-Levi’s analytics research in risk with Infosys’ industry expertise.

Most industries have inadequate risk-analysis capabilities, which is a top-of-mind concern for senior executives. Companies do not know where their real risk exists. It is usually hidden and, as a result, companies tend to focus on the wrong areas and make incorrect assumptions. This can leave a company extremely vulnerable to various operational disruptions that can have a huge negative impact on their financial performance. 

“We have seen very large companies who have suffered severe disruptions in their operations due to various events and their time to recover from the disruption has had a substantial negative impact on their financial performance,” Simchi-Levi says. “Through this collaboration with Infosys and the Global Risk Advisory Group, we can help industries better understand and expose their risk by sharing our data science research, and collaborate to focus on the most effective mitigation strategy.”

Infosys Executive Vice President and Chief Delivery Officer Ravi Kumar says, “Rapid advances in computing, data-science techniques, and algorithms are helping companies mitigate risks and achieve competitive advantage. Infosys is helping clients across multiple industries identify and address risks through best-in-class solutions and services. This partnership will combine our strong domain knowledge with MIT’s award-winning research in data science and risk, to deliver highly contextual solutions to clients.”

The Global Risk Advisory Group will be under the guidance of Simchi-Levi, and Leslie Sheppard of the MIT Forum for Supply Chain Innovation has been named as the group director.

Companies across industry are invited to join the group. Those interested in participating should contact Leslie Sheppard at

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