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MISTI launches a field-specific training series for the MIT community to provide context for those working and traveling abroad.
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Imagine joining a tech start-up in South Africa, studying environmental impact in Sao Paulo, testing solar panels in Israel, or tackling a research problem at the Curie Institute in Paris. What role does cultural context play in science and technology?

This spring, the MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI) is launching its first four-part field-specific training series for MISTI students and the MIT community. These field trainings provide context for people traveling to and working in foreign countries. While MISTI offers general training sessions every year, MISTI has introduced four MISTI-wide trainings that focus on specific fields. The trainings below are open to the entire MIT community. Please RSVP with the links provided if you would like to join a training.

March 30: Food, Land and Water: The World and MIT (RSVP required) Lunch will be provided.
Professor Dennis McLaughlin will give an overview of food security issues, including connections between food, land, water, and climate. This will include what is happening in the field at MIT and beyond.

April 6: Energy: the World and MIT (RSVP required) Lunch will be provided.
MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI) Deputy Director Robert Stoner will give an overview of the world’s most pressing energy challenges and how MITEI approaches energy research and education. Four energy researchers will describe major areas of energy research at MIT including solar, nuclear, carbon capture and sequestration, and electrical grids.

April 28: Understanding Global Innovation Economies (RSVP required) Lunch will be provided.
This workshop is geared to MIT students who will take part in research, teaching, and industry internships abroad and will provide an understanding of the role of innovation-driven entrepreneurship in development of vibrant regional economies.

May 4: Biotech: the World and MIT (RSVP required) Lunch will be provided.
Professor Linda Griffith will give an overview of biotech-related challenges in the world, what is happening in the field at MIT, and MIT's unique approach to these challenges.

Before interning, researching or teaching abroad, MISTI participants are also required to attend a series of six to 10 not-for-credit training modules developed by MISTI staff. These country-specific sessions cover topics such as cross-cultural communication, current events, technology and innovation in the host country, navigating the workplace, and health and safety.

Each year, MISTI matches over 700 MIT students with professional internships, research, entrepreneurship, and teaching placements around the world. This summer over 500 students will travel to more than 19 countries through MISTI.

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